How not to get to a romance scammer after online dating?

Everyone has heard stories of love scams and many of them involve dating sites. People looking for love on the Internet, who open up too trustingly to another person, run the risk of disappointment, being deceived, as well as becoming victims of scams, blackmail and bank fraud. Although scammers can be found both online and in the real world, especially when dating online, it is important to be careful and keep yourself safe. Ease of virtual contact and love euphoria should not make you forget about caution and the basic rules of safe dating.

Remember that everyone on the Internet may not be who you think they are, and privacy helps. Your interlocutor or interlocutor can freely shape her image, adding attractive features and removing unwanted ones. They can change their gender, age, nationality, profession, interests and any other characteristics in order to gain your trust in correspondence.

Some scammers fall in love with compliments, and then trick you into giving them bank details under any pretext (buying a ticket to you or a gift) or intimate information to help them blackmail or steal. Other dating scammers are calculating liars and manipulators who play with their feelings and seek only fleeting adventures or financial support under the guise of confessions of deep affection.

Not all manipulation or deception is associated with the desire to commit crime and deception. However, you never know what motives an unscrupulous online lover is guided by. If you want successful dating, be careful and learn to test for liars.

Find out how to recognize an online dating scammer?

Dating scammers often present amazing, even fantastic, stories of their lives that evoke romance on the one hand and sympathy on the other. Be careful if someone writes a lot about their problems, especially in connection with material needs, or often raises the topic of money – perhaps he is doing this in order to ask you for financial support in the near future.

Beware if the person you meet on the Internet compliments you, confesses their feelings very quickly, is too romantic and assures you that they will spend their whole life with you. These are common emotional manipulation techniques used by cunning cheaters to seduce gullible people. While true and sincere love can be found on the internet, it’s important to keep your distance when someone goes too far in the beginning of a relationship. Ask yourself: can a person who doesn’t know you very well yet be so in love with you that they are making serious plans to get married and live together? Single people with low self-esteem or a high need for intimacy should be especially careful.

Online dating is about reciprocity and a genuine desire to get to know another person, so you should be suspicious if the other person is not showing genuine interest in you and the details of your life (for example, how was your day). Does he/she focus on writing almost exclusively about himself and his problems? Perhaps this is an attempt to evoke sympathy and a desire to help you, for example, financially. On the other hand, beware of people who are very curious and start interrogating you – this is their way of figuring out your weak points or finding out your personal data.

In flirting and online dating, mystery and the opportunity to discover a new person are extremely attractive. However, excessive secrecy, evasive answers to questions or completely ignoring them should make you doubt the authenticity of the interlocutor. It is quite possible to catch him in a lie or insincerity.

Marriage scammers usually maintain several or more contacts on dating sites at the same time. Be vigilant if the person you are talking to misses your name, forgets what you wrote about, confuses information, or tells implausible stories. Analyze their spelling and grammar, as scammers often use ready-made sentences that they copy for many people. Be especially wary of amateurs coming from overseas, especially from exotic countries. They very often use messages that have been translated by translators.

In some cases, it is very easy to recognize fraud thanks to the photographs. People posing as someone else on a dating site usually don’t want to show what they look like, although it may happen that they have a photo of a very attractive person and an interesting avatar in the chat. Ask the person to show you some of their photos and notice if they show the same person, are they clear enough, and where they were taken. At least, ask the person to upload a selfie in which he is holding a piece of paper with his nickname and time. Liars who hide their real appearance are not necessarily bad people who want to commit fraud or theft. They may just be very afraid of rejection and have problems with self-esteem, but be careful.

Does a virtual friend or girlfriend don’t want to date, postpones dates, refuses to talk to you on the phone, or contacts you on special terms (for example, only at night)? If he does this, it could be a sign that he is a scammer and that his intentions on the dating site are not genuine. A person who cares about finding a partner for a real, sincere relationship willingly takes steps to get to know the other person and will not keep the relationship a secret.

Can a detective be hired to check online dating?

In the modern world, it is very easy to believe a scammer and get hooked on them. However, a sober mind suggests that you need to make a test. To avoid problems, it is best to hire a private detective in the Confident agency. Our detectives have vast experience in checking people “from the Internet” or “by correspondence”. And with a minimum of data, they will be able to get the most detailed information, advise, prevent fraud and save your property, reputation and your feelings. The detective agency Confident will do all the work of checking the girls or men whom you met at a distance absolutely anonymously and the object of investigation will not know about your suspicion.